Yourself Expression CEO Shelby Gogulski- Snap Jewelry, Coin Holders and Angel Lockets
Hi world my name is Shelby Gogulski and I am 16 years old.
I thought I would start by telling you a little about myself and then go into detail how I turned an idea of offering affordable items that could change to match what you wore into a real company. I plan to share everything about what I love, what my family enjoys doing and just fun general information. 
I didn't plan to start a company in fact I had no idea how a business is started, actually I really didn't think much about how things work. I mean, I was 14 and just wanted a pair of boots with cute bows on the back from UGG.
It was Christmas time and they had hot pink boots with bows on the back. They were "just" $200 and I told my Mom that I really wanted those. Now I already had a pair of UGG boots at home but they just didn't have those bows. I'm pretty sure my Mom rolled her eyes and told me I was nuts but I am sure she said "Shelby you have a ton of bows at home go put your own bows on the back of those boots in the closet and create your own look." HMM I can create my own. 
I went home and looked around the house to figure out how I could put bows on my boots without ruining them. I found a perfect solution that allowed me to interchange bows that I wore in my hair and attach them to the boots. I could change the bows to match whatever I was wearing which was even better than the UGG's at the mall. I mean those would get ruined, wet and fall a part. (my Mom told me that) If the ones I had on did that I could just change them. Create, wear and change. 
My Original Boot Bling Logo
My first company name was Boot Bling and this was my logo. Wow that was in February 2015. Just an idea that has come so far. (I will tell you how I made them later)


 I will leave my first blog with a little mystery and continue my story in my next blog. I'm asked questions all the time and will begin to answer them here. 
January 24, 2016 — Shelby Gogulski