A New Day- Boot Bling to Yourself Expression
I began making Boot Bling and selling the items to family and friends. It was great, if I had an orange shirt I could wear orange on my boots, pink I wore pink and striped I could wear striped. They were fun to make and I had the help of my brother and Mom but I needed more. I wanted a way to personalize those bows to fit each of my friends passions. I loved soccer, K wanted a volleyball, A wanted cats and others just wanted an initial. I began researching interchangeable items and went to Michael's to see what they had. 
This is what I came up with and they were so cute. I had hanging charms from where ever I could find them that could personalize the boot and change as often as I did. Boot Bling!
Well that didn't last long since what I used to hold them was a simple binder clip... See how to make Boot Bling Here. This was with Rosie O'Donnell who is amazing and that will be for another story. 
See the UGG boots I already had, well my Mom was right I didn't need another pair with bows when I could make my own.
Think it, do it, have fun with it!
January 28, 2016 — Bold Apps