T-Shirts of Hope

$ 11.00


THESE SHIRTS ARE SCREEN PRINTED FROM THE HEART OUR BEGINNING https://www.facebook.com/1700910993/posts/10204855359139367?s=1700910993&sfns=mo


$11 because it only takes 1 person to make a difference in 1 person's life.




These shirts have a different meaning with every message to the person wearing it and the person that sees it. With our first batch we don’t have the option of choosing a color but they are all beautiful. They make great T Shirts for graduation, bridal showers, church outings, awareness support, life changes and more. 



Last year I learned that a smile on the outside can truly mean sadness on the inside. Never would I imagine that a perfectly happy, smart, compassionate and driven young lady be alive but dying. A life threatening eating disorder (anorexia) and severe anxiety and depression had taken over her body and mind. All I recall is the words WORTHLESS. She felt worthless. My story of her life was so different than her story and I've spent the last year trying to understand what a mental illness is and realize that "normal" people are suffering. 50% of us have or will have some mental health issue. Depression, anxiety, self harm, eating disorders, post partum, PTSD and this list goes on. Millions are dying for attention from a world that does not see them. Mental illness does not discriminate against who will be affected but together we can show there is no guilt in sharing how we feel. Sometimes in life we just need to have a conversation, know someone cares, hears us and validate our feelings.

My Project Dragonfly began with a simple idea of wearing a message of hope so that someone struggling may see it and feel worthy of the amazing life they deserve. Today their story is just beginning and their past is worth telling. Their life is far from over. Dragonflies are a symbol of change, new beginnings and transformation. My desire is that together we can learn from the Dragonfly and begin to change the way we see mental illness. Transform the shame associated with it and no longer believe someone is a failure for seeking help.


Eating disorders are one disease in the mental health family and today as you read this 23 girls and boys will die from an eating disorder related cause. They don't want to die but they struggle to live. Their mind takes control and convinces their body food is not the nourishment they need. This is the illness that gave awareness to our family but just one that people struggle with that brings on depression and despair. Starving to death in plain site from the inside out. 


Our T shirt designs are simple and spread a message of Love. A dragonfly has iridescent wings allowing their color to change when the light hits it. Each message will mean something special but different to every person wearing it.

YOU ARE NEVER A BURDEN. YOU ARE WORTHY and with each minute you hold strong know YOUR STORY IS JUST BEGINNING and know YOUR STORY IS WORTH TELLING and your journey is FAR FROM OVER;

Do you see what we are saying/doing. A simple message can make a difference. It’s the story of our lives and we don’t want it to be cut short by mental illness.

OUR BEGINNING https://www.facebook.com/1700910993/posts/10204855359139367?s=1700910993&sfns=mo

Whether someone is struggling or flourishing these comfy shirts are positive messages to remind us how important we are in the world. When you wear this shirt its message may mean the world to someone your walking by that reads it. It’s $11 because it only takes 1 person to make a difference in 1 person. We have sizes S-3xl unisex comfort colors. 


You choose the size and style but the color is a surprise. To offer these at this price for our first launch we had to agree to rainbow colors. Just like life is full of surprises so will the color you receive.





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