My Great-Grandmothers name was LaLa(Lydia) and her middle name was Lee and as I got older I called her LaLeePop. You couldn't say LaLee without adding the Pop of course. I would sing... LaLeePop LaLeePop oh my my LaLeePop girl.Here's a little story from my Mom. When I was a girl I played with my grandmothers beautiful patterned scarves in a million different colors. She would collect them from all of her travels. I would mix and match patterns and textures and I would wrap them around my waist, hair and even ankles and then pretend to sell them. My grandparents would buy them and pay me with beautiful sea shells.

When I had Shelby she too played with the drawer full of scarves but insisted she had a factory in Russia ( I have no idea how she chose that country at just 3 years old) and would sell you special designs for 1 million dollars. LaLa and Gordy happily paid her what ever she asked in sea shells.

During a slow week playing with jewelry we had the bright idea of starting a kids clothing line that offered patterns and shapes mixed and matched with ruffles and bows.

If you've ever read my Mom's book Santa's Secret Elf-Merryam or Merryam's Elfun Adventures then you know Merryam's book cover is made of lollipops and she always wears shirts and leggings with ruffles and mix and match patterns.

After several years of making and creating we now offer girls and boys outfits and shirts at our direct to market events like Southern Womens Shows or Juniro League events and our Facebook Group.