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The Story

My Great-Grandmothers name was LaLa(Lydia) and her middle name was Lee and as I got older I called her LaLeePop. You couldn't say LaLee without adding the Pop of course. I would sing... LaLeePop LaLeePop oh my my LaLeePop girl.Here's a little story from my Mom. When I was a girl I played with my grandmothers beautiful patterned scarves in a million different colors. She would collect them from all of her travels. I would mix and match patterns and textures and I would wrap them around my waist, hair and even ankles and then pretend to sell them. My grandparents would buy them and pay me with beautiful sea shells.

When I had Shelby she too played with the drawer full of scarves but insisted she had a factory in Russia ( I have no idea how she chose that country at just 3 years old) and would sell you special designs for 1 million dollars. LaLa and Gordy happily paid her what ever she asked in sea shells.

During a slow week playing with jewelry we had the bright idea of starting a kids clothing line that offered patterns and shapes mixed and matched with ruffles and bows.

If you've ever read my Mom's book Santa's Secret Elf-Merryam or Merryam's Elfun Adventures then you know Merryam's book cover is made of lollipops and she always wears shirts and leggings with ruffles and mix and match patterns.