Q: What is Interchangeable Jewelry made of?

A: Our entire collection is nickel and lead free. Chains are made of stainless steel and most items are silver or gold plated with a copper base. Some items are stainless steel as well and with any question please use the chat feature to ask. We do testing on all our items to be sure our customers have no issues with allergies.

Q: How can I sell Yourself Expression?

A: We offer two ways to sell our collection. Whether you own a retail store front and are looking for Wholesale pricing or are a business owner that works from home you can sell our collection and have customers fall in love with all that you choose to offer.

As a Wholesale Partner you can choose to order online, fax, phone or email. Our online pricing are suggested retail and when you fill out the Wholesale application under Sell our Collection we will send you our wholesale price sheets. You must have a Tax ID to become a wholesale partner. We have $100 minimum order, $5.50 flat rate shipping and we ship within 2-4 business days. We offer prepackaged collections which we can email you details or you can choose the items by the piece you want to offer in your store.

As an Gracie Stylist you are self-employed and considered an independent contractor. You are responsible for paying your state, local and federal taxes. You must report all income earned on your personal or business taxes. We encourage you to keep detailed records, have a separate bank account for YSE and talk with a tax professional. Yearly we report to the IRS all earnings of each Expressionist that have received commission payments from YSE. You will receive a 1099 on bonus earnings and compensations over $600. You have to have $50 in sales every 3 months to remain active as an affiliate rep.

Q: What is Interchangeable Jewelry?

A: Yourself Expression is all about expressing yourself and letting your own style shine through. Why wear what others create when you can create what you love to wear. We offer over 2000 items in our interchangeable accessories. The Snap and Popper collection allows one piece of jewelry to be a thousand different designs. The Angel Lockets are dainty lockets with colorful chiming balls that are a constant reminder that We Never Walk Alone and each time you hear the bell ring you are reminded that your Guardian Angel is always with you. We have new Shel Coin Holders with Coins that can change out to match what you are wearing. The newest Jewel Swaps are wonderful way to blend three collections together by changing out different bright colored jewels, lockets or snap base.Our Lockets are a fun way to share what means the most to you with our Mini Charms that you place inside each locket.

Q: Changing out your Poppers?

A: To remove the Popper from the Snap base look for the first metal rim of the Popper and place your nail or pick under it. The Popper will easily pop off so you can replace it with a new design from our collection. The first time you put a Popper in the Snap base it may be tight so just give it a good pop. We also want to remind you that pulling for the top of decorative poppers such as the roses or pearls may cause damage. Always be sure to remove from the rim. Memory glass lockets are not designed to open all the way so be careful not to force it back.

Q: Cleaning your Snap and Poppers?

A: Just use a dry cloth to gently wipe the Snap Base and Popper clean. Our items are made of stainless steel or silver plated over copper and should not have excess water or chemicals to clean it. We do not recommend wearing any of our locket or snap pieces in the chlorine. All of our snap bases are made of a copper base which should be acceptable to most people with metal allergies.

Snap Bases that need special attention

Be sure when removing your Popper that you are pulling from the Popper at the first rim and not from the snap base. If you pull from the snap base this is pulling the Snap from the jewelry that it is attached to.

To open and tighten the braided bracelets you need to pull gently from the strings on each side until tight. When you want to remove them pull the bracelet on one side until wide enough to take off.

Q. What is the Return Policy?

A. YSE understands that we change our minds or products aren’t exactly what we expect. The items must be in the original box and unworn and must be returned within 15 days. If you have an item damaged within 30 days of purchase we will replace the item or credit you on a future purchase. Damaged items must be returned to your Retail Store, Expressionist or the RETURN department before a credit is made

Yourself Expression-RETURNS
3545 Saint John’s Bluff Road S. Ste #2
Jacksonville, FL 32224


Broken, Damaged or Not What is Expected Items:
Items that are damaged within transit, break prior to wearing or have a manufacturing defect within 30 days purchase are eligible for replacement. We do not offer refunds for any item. Contact the Replacement department or your local affiliate.

Issues that qualify as a damaged item:

  • Non-functional clasp, snap, closure or clip
  • Not as described- Color, Size, Length, Design
  • Unusual markings or color variance such-(Excludes natural stones)
  • Jump ring, O ring or chain link that is not closed properly, Chunks that will not snap on or shoe clips that do not stay closed or latched on. (Excludes improper care of the product)
  • Crystals on lockets, charms, chunks or mini’s that have been lost.

This warranty does not cover merchandise damaged through normal wear, accident or misuse (wearing in water, broken glass, etc). Upon receipt of your order, please check it carefully for accuracy.

Q. Safety Information?

A: YSE does not recommend lockets, chains, shoe clips or charms for young children. All items YSE offers can be a choking hazard. Lockets contain glass and can cause bodily injury when dropped, broken or treated roughly. Please use care when opening lockets and putting pressure as it may cause the glass to break. As a reminder small children should not be around the small Mini’s, charms, Poppers, Chiming Balls, Coin Lockets and Clips. They can choke if not properly supervised.

Do not wear items in water. Over time it may dull the look of the product. Please review how to remove Snap and Poppers and how to replace the interchangeable items gently so that you don’t accidentally break the items. Children are not as gentle as adults so we suggest that the adult makes all changes of Snap and Poppers and Locket items.

Q. Shipping Policy?

A: YSE has a flat rate shipping charge. The cost to ship per address is $5.50. If you choose to return an item that has been damaged we will pay the shipping charge within 30 days of purchase. All other reasons are paid by the customer or the Expressionist.

  • Most items will ship out within 3-4 business days and are sent via USPS priority mail. In the event an item is on back order we will notify you within 48 hours or ordering to choose another item or receive a refund on your purchase. Once the order has been processed no changed that can be made. We do offer express and international shipping at an additional charge.

    If an items is not as expected you can return it for a credit on a future order within 15 days and it must be in the original packaging. If an item is defective we will exchange it within 30 days of shipping. The customer will be responsible for return shipping. No replacements or credit can be made until we get the product returned to us.