Gracie Roze by Yourself Expression offers the largest collection of snap jewelry and other interchangeable collections all priced so that everyone can afford beautiful jewelry. 
We offer Snap Jewelry direct to customers and a wholesale opportunity for retail brick and mortar stores or work from home entrepreneurs. You are the designer of your own jewelry which allows you to create, wear and change.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Our products are like no others and are perfect to sell to all ages. Whether you rent a table at an event, do Facebook or Instagram Live events, parties or just brag about what you’re wearing, the Snap Jewelry, Angel Lockets, Chiming Balls, and Coin Collection are adored by everyone. Our company is about being YOU in all you do and wear.

If you own a brick and mortar store you will be given an account where you can log in and choose the items you want. You can still buy packages to make shopping easy and to keep variety in your store.

We have a created a unique and different package for each Retail Stylist for $409 that allows you to resell the items at our price point for $1000. Visit the website and sign up online. You can see the details in the cart.

Q: Do I have to build a team if I work from home?

A: No,  we are not direct sales and we decided to be different in how we do things.  Our hope is that you will have more time to focus on your own network.

Q: Do I have to keep inventory?

A: Yes, you will need items to have on hand so that when you have an event you can show customers the product we have to sell.We suggest 2/3 live events each week t keep your groups excited and show them all we have to offer. When you run low you will have to reorder items that we pick but you can choose the amount desired with a $100 minimum per order. 

Q: What if I have a return or damaged item?

A:  If an item is damaged when a customer receives it they can contact our office and get a quick and courteous replacement within 15 days of leaving our warehouse. Check all your orders when you get them to be sure nothing is damaged. We may not be perfect but we always want our customer service to be. We offer a 30 day replacement policy for the same item for any defective item. We do not offer a refund but a store credit instead. All items must be returned in it’s original packaging.

Q: What if I want something special for my customer?

A: We pick and create each package whether it is the first order or reorders with a variety of products that include new limited items and favorite items ordered from our customers. We offer this as the only option to sell our collection because we want to you explore all we have to offer and people will buy what we have to offer when you begin to do live shows and events. If you are looking for a specific item then you can reach out the community you will be part of or call us directly to include during our next order.