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Ebru Marbling Silk Art

Corporate Events and Private Parties

Perfect for all ages, corporate events, kids parties, celebrations and team building activity.



1. Choose your own colors from a variety of options (we recommend 2-8 colors)
2. Apply drops of paint to the surface of water in a six-foot long tray
3. If desired, swirl the paints using various rakes, combs, or stylus to create bold or intricate designs
4. The finished design is transferred to a 100% silk scarf
5. Rinse the scarf in water to remove excess paint
6. Show off your finished design for all to see!
7. Take your scarf home to hang dry and iron. After that, it is WASHABLE and will not fade in the sun
8. Wear your art as a scarf, sash, or hat band; or
9. Use it as a table runner, window hanging, or wall art

Make just one, or as many as you like. WARNING: this art is addictive!

Here are a few important points:

If your preferred date is not available, we will contact you immediately to make alternate arrangements.

Price may vary based on options below, or other factors. You will determine the price, if any, to be paid by your guests. We provide everything needed for the water marbling activity, from floor coverings to canopy/lights (if required), all materials and supplies, and enough of our artisan team members to make sure that each of your guests receives the one-to-one attention that makes the Splish Splash Marbling Experience wonderful.
The basic pricing for private parties is simple: just $39 per scarf including tax, with a minimum requirement 15 scarves for parties in a 15 mile radius , or a minimum of 20 scarves for most other areas in Charlotte NC or Jacksonville, FL Therefore, the minimum cost for a private party of 15 scarves $585, and for a private party of 20 scarves the minimum is $780. This minimum is subject to change based on the actual location.


-- DIY Play Table, where guests can test the colors on small trays, and create designs to transfer to coasters, gift tags, doilies, card stock, plastic sheets, or small hankies. the cost for this table is $5 per person.


Bandannas can be an add on for $18 per piece

Wood Plaques $12 per piece

-- If this is a birthday or other special occasion, the group can create a signature scarf, for everyone to sign or add their own written embellishments. The signed scarf can then be water marbled, perhaps by several people (or everyone) working together on creating the design. The signature scarf can be included in your minimum count, with an extra charge of $5 to cover the cost of each fabric marker (one should be sufficient, but we'll have extras on hand just in case)

--- We always bring plenty of sample scarves to help spark the imagination, and they are also for sale along with gift certificates. The sale of any items of $39 or more can count toward your minimum,.

The magical, mystical art of water marbling is at the center of everything we do, and we know your guests will enjoy this unique experience. And of course, everyone gets a one-of-a-kind luxurious silk scarf / table runner to take home and enjoy for years to come.

Once a date has been selected, we will email or mail an agreement to you. We want you to feel free to hand write any changes or additions you would like to make. We are very flexible, and would love to hear any ideas you may have for making your event even more special! Please email the signed form back to us if possible, at We do ask for a deposit* to hold the date. Payment may be made online or you can phone in your payment.

*Pricing and deposit requirement for corporate events, charitable groups,
schools, and any party of 25 or more may vary.

*Deposit applied to a future event with a cancellation within 8-20 days
*No refund of deposit if cancelled 7 days or less before event date.
*Fully refundable deposit with a 21 cancellation notice