Q: Why should I join Gracie Roze?

Become a Gracie Roze Stylist- Work from HomeA: Becoming a Stylist is a decision you should be comfortable with. If you love the products and want to be a part of a growing company then join our team. GRACIE ROZE offers a simple to understand opportunity to see what your profits can be with every sale. Earn income without all the stress of maintaining certain goals. We know family life sometimes gets chaotic and occasionally you have to take a break from work life to focus on the loves of your life. That’s ok, we will be here when you’re ready with little pressure or timeline required. We are NOT a traditional direct sales company. No teams or down lines that you are required to create. You can create your own marketing materials, sell at vendor events and put your own prices on the product. You will get your own web link at no cost to give to your customers and will receive a starting commission of 40% for your online sales. 

Q: How can becoming a Work from Home Stylist benefit my family?

A: Our Work from Home opportunity is a great way for a parent/child to grow their bond and earn extra income. The Joy of being your own boss, the flexibility to set your own schedule and work as many hours as you choose while offering many collections that sell itself.  You have a limitless potential for success based on the time and energy you put into it. You don’t need to be a great salesperson to be successful. You just have to be passionate about the product you choose to sell.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Our products are like no others and are perfect to sell to all ages. Whether you rent a table at an event or just brag about what you’re wearing, the Gracie Snaps, Gracie Coins and Angel Lockets are adored by everyone. Plus our Gracie Kids seasonal collection is a great way to bring Mom's and Daughters together. Our company is about sharing your passion in all you do and wear.

We offer 3 kit options to jump start your business. The kits start at $129-$349 and offer the best of our newest collections along with marketing and display materials to allow you to host your first events as soon as you open the box. There is no fee to maintain your website but you are required to have sales to stay active and receive the discount. Stylist terms still apply.

Our company is a great way for teens and parents to build a bond while building a business. With our product line we encourage the uniqueness that makes each one of us special. Be yourself with Gracie Roze.

Q: Will I be pressured to meet certain goals?

A: While we want you to be eager to share GRACIE ROZE collections with others we understand that your family life comes first. There are no sales quotas required to stay active and as long as you place a $100 order or have $100 in sales every 2 months. Sell all you want when you want. Your earnings are based on the level of sales with a minimum of 40% commission/product discount. 

Q: Do I have to build a team?

A: No, we know with our compensation plan you can earn more focusing on your own sales rather than worrying about recruiting others to sell under you. Our commission ranging from 40%-55% is the best in the business and our recruitment rewards allow you to earn even more.  We decided to be different in how we do things. Our hope is that you will have more time to focus on your own network while sharing the great benefits we have to offer with friends and family. You earn product rewards for each person that signs up under you but not have to worry about team sales.

Q: Do I have to keep inventory?

A: Yes, you will need items to have on hand so that when you have an event you can show customers the product we have to sell. You can sell via your website and catalog orders but we do find that you sell more when you have it on hand for someone to take home. If you do have to place an order it will be shipped from our warehouse and mailed directly to the customer for a Flat Rate shipping fee of $5.50. You can place your order via phone, fax or email and you will pay Gracie Roze the cost after you deduct your commission rate. Example $100 in retail sales is ordered and you are on a 40% discount level. You will owe GRACIE ROZE $60 plus tax if applicable and shipping. Your earnings from that order are $40.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: GRACIE ROZE makes it easy and hassle free. You collect the money from your customer directly. If you sell the items directly from your event you would have already bought them from GRACIE ROZE and would just keep the money from the customer. If you need to place an order then you will purchase the items from GRACIE ROZE at your commission level and include tax if applicable and the $5.50 Flat Rate shipping. If they purchase online you will receive 40% commission to your Paypal account on retail priced items. If you choose to share a sale we are having you will get 40-55% minus the sale percentage. Commission is not paid on last chance clearance items. Commissions will be modified for sales discounts for online sales.  

As for payment options you can choose to accept Cash, Checks (with ID) and credit card sales that we suggest using the Square set up. You must already have a Paypal account as well to receive any compensation owed for online sales. Commission for online sales is paid normally in 2 weeks from the sale.

Q: What if I have a return or damaged item?

A: If an item is damaged when a customer receives it they can contact our office and get a quick and courteous replacement. We may not be perfect but we always want our customer service to be. We offer a 30 day replacement policy for any defective items and 15 days for items that aren't what they want. We do not offer a refund but a store credit instead. All items must be returned in it’s original packaging. You are responsible for any replacements after this time including shipping. Please check your orders when they arrive to be sure there is no issue. After 30 days we do not accept any returns or replacement. We do not buy back any product and you can not return or exchange items in your kit. You can exchange any items within 30 days of delivery (does not include kit or bonus items).

Q: How are taxes reported?

A: As a Stylist you are self employed and considered an independent contractor. You are responsible for paying your state, local and federal taxes. You must report all income earned on your personal or business taxes. We encourage you to keep detailed records, have a separate bank account for GRACIE ROZE and talk with a tax professional. Yearly we report to the IRS all earnings of each Expressionist that have received payments or bonus incentives from GRACIE ROZE. You will receive a 1099 on bonus earnings and compensations over $600. Taxes are different for every state, city and county so you will need to check with yours for the specifics.