Teardrop Hibiscus Angel Locket

$ 17.00

**Chimer Not Included**

32in. Chain

These beautiful lockets open to allow you to choose a colorful chimer to go inside. Every time the chime rings it will remind you that you're never alone and your Guardian Angel is always with you. They close with a delicate latch that is secured before leaving our warehouse. The chime is not electric and can only be heard as you wear it. When you move throughout the day it rolls inside and that is how the chimer is heard. It is not constant. The Angel Locket is on a 32in chain and come in silver or gold. The locket can also open up so you can choose to use them for essential oils with our cotton balls or lava balls. They make stylish necklaces for your essential oils and we offer more than 50 styles to enjoy!

Stainless and Rhodium.

Wholesale pricing for stores and boutiques available.