How it all began…Growing Up!

In December 2013, 14 year old Shelby asked her mother for a pair of $200 boots because they had a cute bow on the back. Her mom was not willing to spend that amount of money on something that she would outgrow, grow bored with or just get ruined in the rain, so the answer was NO. Mom said work for what you want or create it yourself.

Shelby (14) and her fashion fabulous (9) brother Gordon (Gordy) decided that they could find a way to create the same look, using her own boots and adding colorful bows. They began making Boot Bling where they would clip bows on the back or side of Shelby’s boots and began researching interchangeable jewelry to hang cute things from her boot clips and found several ways you could express yourself.  They added Snap Jewelry and quickly began to make custom designs and build the larger part of the company. Gracie Roze (formerly Yourself Expression) has the largest collection of Poppers in the world and focuses on designs that share each person’s passion in life, as well as, the beautiful stones and crystals. They are building a brand that the entire family could enjoy and afford. 

While the sibling team shopped wholesale factories to find great items to offer, hosted in home parties and vendor shows, their parents realized that offering these fun products at an affordable price would still allow everyone the chance to be creative while expressing themselves, earn money to buy things they want or need and begin to build a strong work ethic. Since their styles are drastically different, it’s not always an easy or quiet process to build the collection, but they have the same goal in mind. The focus is on quality and affordability that offers something for the husband, wife, kids, grandparents and even the family pet.

In February 2015, Shelby was invited to be on The View with Rosie O’Donnell, which was an amazing experience and gave her nationwide exposure. Mrs. O’Donnell, a huge supporter of children’s organizations, has allowed Shelby to create her beautiful artwork on custom Snaps with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Broadway Kids in NYC. They made it to Shark Tank and aired May 6th, 2016 but mistakenly didn't get a deal. 

The siblings can agree on one more thing…they’re not just lucky; they’re blessed to have this opportunity and ability to meet great people and create their own company. 

Since airing on Shark Tank the snap jewelry collection now has several other collections called Gracie Coins and Angel Lockets and most recently we have added a Girl's collection offering beautifully designed clothes. 

We currently, 2020, sell wholesale in over 300 stores and can be seen on Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Shelby has been featured on numerous times as well as being quote of the day for inspiration twice. Shelby is now 21 years old and attended college in Charlotte. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and fights for insurance change and support for eating disorders and related illnesses.

Gordy is now home schooled and in 10th grade and can be seen traveling to different events and shows as the business continues to grow. 

2020-Covid updated. No more cruise lines and just a few stores. No more in person live events which we are so sad about. Added a few gift items and began doing Facebook Live events weekly in October 2020 when we all moved back to Florida to survive. Miss how life was but praying we will find joy in this new normal. 

2021 has been a year already. Shelby is back in treatment for an eating disorder and her Dad is currently being treated for a heart attack at just 50 years old in great shape. He does eat a few too many brats but that will quickly change. 

UPDATE-In January 2018 the decision was made to re-brand the name from Yourself Expression to Gracie Roze as the company continued to create a family business for all to enjoy. Carnival Cruise Lines and Norwegian now carry our Gracie Snaps and Gracie Coins. In 2020 we decided to go back to where it began and focus on the retail aspect of the business offering work from home and with retail partners to offer an amazing interchangeable snap jewelry, Coin Jewelry and Angel Lockets under the Yourself Expression/Gracie Brand. 


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