Gracie Roze does not recommend lockets, chains, shoe clips or charms for children younger than 5. All items Gracie Roze offers can be a choking hazard. Lockets contain glass and can cause bodily injury when dropped, broken or treated roughly. Please use care when opening lockets and putting pressure as it may cause the glass to break. As a reminder small children should not be around the small Mini’s, Poppers, Chiming Balls, Coin Lockets and Clips. They can choke if not properly supervised.

Do not wear items in water. Over time it may dull the look of the product. Please review how to remove Snap and Poppers and how to replace the interchangeable items gently so that you don’t accidentally break the items. Children are not as gentle as adults so we suggest that the adult makes all changes of Snap and Poppers and Locket items for children under 12